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Where can I find the local NSLL rules?

What division should I register my child in? Please see details on our Divisions page.

How can I be an umpire? Contact us at and we will put you in contact with our umpire coordinator.

Do umpires get paid? Yes. Base umpires at all levels make $15 per game. Home plate umpires receive $30 for Majors games and $20 for AAA and AA games.

Do I need my own umpire gear? No. Some umpire gear is provided at all facilities. However, most of our regular umpires bring their own gear. Some use actual umpire gear, some use catchers gear which seems to work just as well.

Where are the games played? Games are played in Eldridge, Long Grove, and Park View.

What time are the games?
All games begin at 6:00 PM. No inning shall start after 7:30 pm if the next day is a school day. No inning shall start after 8:00 pm if the next day is a non-school day.

What is a common draft? The purpose of the draft system is to make equitable distribution of player talent and to provide good balance among the teams within each division. All teams in the AA, AAA, and Majors Divisions will be formed by a common draft of all players from all schools. Only Coaches and Board Members can attend the draft.

Uniforms and Equipment
What if my child's uniform doesn't fit? The Uniform Coordinator may attempt to order a replacement at your cost, but there is no guarantee on availability or arrival time.

What part of the uniform does NSLL provide? NSLL will provide each player a jersey and hat. 

Do I have to have baseball pants and cleats? NSLL recommends baseball pants and cleats for all divisions, but it is not a requirement. Protective cups are required to be worn by all males players at all times on the field.

Does my child need his/her own helmet? No. Most players do provide their own batting helmet, but each team will have at least one helmet for players to wear.

What kind of bat does my child need? All bats used in Little League MUST have the current USA Baseball stamp on it.


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